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Apple Switches to ARM Processors: Why Take The RISC?

Although the announcement from Apple at their recent WWDC event wasn’t totally unexpected, the news that they will no longer be using Intel processors for their computers, but will instead use their own Apple silicon has stirred up a lot of debate.

From Apple’s point of view, their decision is a no-brainer. Apple likes to have total control of both their hardware and software, so moving away from Intel helps achieve this.

It’s also no secret that Apple has had problems with thermal throttling in their recent laptops. Intel processors draw a lot of power, and more power equals more heat. When a processor gets hot, it will lower Its speed in an effort to cool down. Trying to keep Intel processors cool as well as running at top speed has proved difficult for Apple, but by using the much more energy efficient ARM processors, this is far less of an issue.

A more energy efficient processor allows for sleeker, thinner hardware, far better battery life and less fan noise. There are some other, minor issues that Apple solves with this move, but the far more important question is: what does this decision mean for us?

In episode 140 of Double Tap, we discuss this news and it’s positives and negatives for Mac users.

Listen to This Audio Below:

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