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What’s In Your Dock?

What’s In Your Dock? – It’s probably not a question you get asked very often… well actually, it’s probably a question you’ve never been asked before ever, but DTC contributor Robin Christopherson left us a voicemail recently suggesting we should have a segment in the show based on this very question.

As featured in episode 143, Robin shows us exactly what’s in the dock of his Apple Watch. Depending on how you have your watch set up, the dock, which is accessed by pressing the side button under the digital crown, will display a list of either your most recently used apps or a list of your favourite apps. With the topic of just what do we use our Apple Watches for being discussed recently, we were interested to see if Robin had been using any apps other than Activity, the App Store or Settings.

It turns out he has.

So, it’s time to ask you the question: what’s in your dock? Weather it’s the dock on your smartphone, tablet or smart watch, just what are the apps you keep coming back to or need quick access to?

You can let us know by sending an email to or leave us a voicemail on 1-866 509 4545.

Listen Here:

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