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What is a Smart Watch For?

I have often thought that the term smartphone just feels wrong.

It’s understating what the device actually can do. For me, and I am sure many of you, the least important part of a smartphone is the phone functionality. What it should really be called is a pocket computer, but I guess the PC moniker was already taken. Whatever we call it, the popularity of the smartphone proves that people want all the information, productivity, entertainment and other benefits that a computer offers and they want it always at hand.

As technology gets smaller and smaller, the next logical step on the smartphones evolution is in the form of wearables. There are still some hurdles to overcome, such as battery life and practical user interfaces, but we are definitely taking steps into the age of wearable tech. The first of those steps was the smart watch.

The idea behind it was simple. Take the smartphone and shrink it down to fit on your wrist. Sounds great in theory, but for the initial iteration, actually using it wasn’t a great experience: slow performance and a heavy reliance on always having a smartphone close by meant that it was often easier and quicker just to pull out the smartphone in the first place. The first Apple Watch was released in 2015, and with every subsequent generation we have seen improvements to both performance and processing independence.

So the question is, just what can it do, or more to the point what can you do with it? Have we reached a point where a smart watch could be called a wrist computer? In episode 138, Steven, Shaun & Jay Taylor discuss how they use, or have used, their smart watches.

Spoiler alert: yes, using it to tell the time does get a mention.

Listen to the Audio Below:

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