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WeWALK Smart Cane Special Edition

The company behind WeWALK, the smart cane for the visually impaired, has announced they are now taking pre-orders for the WeWALK Special Edition.

Promising a smaller, more durable hardware design, including a louder speaker, the Special Edition should ship in July.

In a promotional email, they also list some updated software features that may be useful during the current Corona pandemic.

  1. With the social distance feature, visually impaired people will be able to keep the necessary distance recommended by health organizations with other people and if anyone comes near them, WeWALK will warn the users via vibration.
  2. We improved our navigation feature to help our users be fully independent in their social lives. They will be able to use the clockwise navigation feature which makes their navigation experience easier and simpler.
  3. With a new feature, We WALK can now notify the users about places around them such as cafes, restaurants, and shops as they walk by. They will no longer need to ask other people for directions to a cafe or restaurant while they are out, they will be able to find them on their own.
  4. Before, visually impaired people had to always ask someone for directions to the nearest bus stop or about the approaching buses to a bus stop. With the latest improvements added to the public transportation feature available in more than 1500 cities around the world, our users can now access the nearest stops to their location and accurate bus timetables, as well as find out how many stops are left to their destination.

We would assume that these software features will be available to all WeWALK smart cane owners through a simple app update.

In episode 136 of Double Tap, Tim Schwartz tells us about the new Special Edition cane which leads into a discussion on just how useful smart tech actually is when it comes to mobility.

Listen to the Audio Below:

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