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Want To Whip The Llama’s Ass One More Time?

There’s news that the once-popular Winamp program is about to make a return to the desktop – and mobile.

TechCrunch has been reporting this, saying the new ‘platform-agnostic’ app will allow users to bring together all your music, podcasts and streaming services into a single location.

It’s not entirely clear how this will work as it would surely require buy-in from the likes of Apple, Spotify and so on.

However the team behind the launch are positive in their idea.

“There will be a completely new version next year, with the legacy of Winamp but a more complete listening experience,” said Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Radionomy, the company that bought Winamp (or what remained of it) in 2014. “You can listen to the MP3s you may have at home, but also to the cloud, to podcasts, to streaming radio stations, to a playlist you perhaps have built.”

“People want one single experience,” he concluded. “I think Winamp is the perfect player to bring that to everybody. And we want people to have it on every device.”

The most recent version of Winamp was last updated in 2013 and it certainly shows its age. However this is an app that the blind community loved. Long before and even long after iTunes came along and showed us how not to be accessible or usable. It was one of the few apps that allowed blind users to play their music, organise their tracks into playlists and so on.

Let’s hope that the new version will also be just as accessible – if not I fear for that llama’s ass!

Winamp 6 should be out in 2019.

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