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Missing Deliveries? Worried Who’s Behind The Door? The Ring Doorbell Could Help

Do you remember a time when you weren’t in the house all day every day? No, me neither.

I am reliably informed that, yes, once upon a time we were actually outside of our homes quite often! Sometimes, even when people didn’t want us to be, namely delivery drivers. Now, in these weird times we live in, we can get all kinds of parcels and packages delivered and actually be in to sign for them!

But hang on… what if the doorbell goes and we’re on a Zoom conference call with work? Or worse… what if we’re still in our jammies at 2PM? What if we haven’t showered that day, and have hair like The Cure’s Robert Smith? Well, there is a way to check who is at your door front the comfort of your sofa! 

Introducing the Ring Doorbell.

It’s a smart doorbell that connects to your internet connection and requires the use of a smartphone or tablet to view the camera on the doorbell. You can even speak to the person at the door without having to unlock your door. It’s a great device for anyone at any age and with a little training could make you feel a little more safer in your home.

Listen to Double Tap’s Shaun Preece review the Ring Doorbell.

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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