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NapBot – Sleep Tracking on the Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch, at least at the time of writing, still not having a native sleep tracking feature, are there any 3rd party apps out there that can help? Tim has been trying an app called NapBot, but has it helped him sleep easier? Shaun remains unconvinced, and Steven has a conspiracy theory, but can Tim change their minds?

What Is Sleep Tracking?

At first glance, it sounds like a stupid question.

Obviously, sleep tracking apps and hardware do just that, track your sleep. However, it doesn’t just tell you when you went to bed and when your alarm went off, it collects more detail than that. It monitors movement, heart-rate and in some cases environmental sounds to give you a report of the quality of your sleep. The theory is that if you know how well you are sleeping, you can try to improve it in various ways, such as diet changes or exercise. Keeping track of your sleep quality can tell you if these changes are working or not.

If you would like to try it for yourself, you can find NapBot in the Apple App Store here.

Have you tried any sleep tracking apps, and if so did they help? We’d love to hear your thoughts: email the team at, you can tweet us @DoubleTapCanada, or find us on Facebook by searching for Double Tap Canada

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