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Richardson Airport Offers Free Aira Service

The James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg is the latest airport to partner with Aira meaning that blind and visually impaired passengers can use the Aira service for free while in the airport. Barry Rempel, president and CEO of the Winnipeg Airports Authority said:

“Every traveller through our facilities should come anticipating an exceptional customer experience, including those with sight loss or who are partially sighted, Winnipeg Airports Authority is committed to bringing new technology to the airport to increase accessibility and reduce the barriers travellers sometimes experience.”

What Is Aira?

By simply using the Aira app on your smartphone you can connect to a trained agent who can then see your surroundings through your smartphone camera. The agent can then assist you in many ways such as reading signs, describing your environment or help with mobility. Aira is a subscription based service with a monthly fee, but there is a growing list of partners, such as the Richardson Airport, where you can use the service for free.

More Partners

Toronto Pearson Airport is another Aira partner with free Aira service and you can find a list of other partners on the Aira website here.




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