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Replacing JAWS with Narrator: Steven Takes The Challenge

With Narrator coming built-in & bundled free inside every copy of Windows, you’d think it would be the obvious choice for the blind or visually impaired.

But after years of neglect and, as a result, being practically useless as a serious, productive screen reader, most of us only used it in order to download or install our real screen readers such as JAWS or NVDA.

However, there’s no denying that, over the last few years, Microsoft has made huge improvements to Narrator’s features and functionality. I recently took a look at Narrator again in this getting started guide, and I’ll admit, I was honestly shocked on how much it has matured and improved.

With that said, has it really reached a level where someone should consider it over one of the current favourites, JAWS or NVDA?

Steven Scott has taken up the challenge and has been using the latest version of Narrator as his only screen reader. Admittedly, he’s only a week in but, so far, he’s impressed. In fact, with Narrator sharing similar, and sometimes identical, keyboard shortcuts with JAWS, and with his purchase of the Elequence TTS voice, he says that he often forgets that he’s not using JAWS.

Listen to the Audio Below:

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