How many times a day do you catch yourself hunched over your laptop, or slouched in your chair during yet another Zoom meeting?

Chances are, it’s quite high – sometimes it becomes all too easy to let gravity take over, as we melt into all kinds of comfortable, yet stressful positions.

Stressful, that is, on the spine and internal organs; if you find yourself complaining about a sore back or a pain in the neck at the end of your working day, your posture at your workspace may have something to do with it. If your monitors are at the wrong height, or if you have no lumbar support, this causes a knock-on effect for your overall body health.

Even more so, of course, if you are blind and partially sighted – having your monitors at the right height for your eye-line is all well and good, but not for those who don’t turn them on!

It’s even worse with the increase of Smartphone use; experts call the body shape we inherit when using handheld devices ‘text neck’; hunched over with our Smartphones and tablets at chest height – just think of the stress that’s putting your neck under!

But thankfully, somebody has invented a fix for this. There are wearables you can buy online which encourage a healthier posture whilst at your work desk – especially if this is at home. Alternatively, for those with smart speakers, there are Alexa skills to help guide you through exercises and stretches to spark some life into those under-strain muscles!

Blind Guy Robin Christopherson helps us out with a few tips and tricks, including trying out a posture corrector brace by a company called by Gearari. Robin also talks through some physio-recommended exercises to help with, and hopefully prevent, RSI.

Listen here:

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