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Double Tap Podcast Episode 93: Jay Taylor & Android, Listener Feedback and Double Tap TV

In this episode, Double Tap Canada is joined by Jay Taylor, not only does he know his tech, but he is actually Canadian… at least we think so. Jay discusses his recent switch to Android, in the form of a Samsung S9 smartphone, but just what features made him switch and how usable is the Android OS if you have low vision?

Samsung S9 Experience

After using mainly iPhones, but also after a few experiences with the more budget side of Android devices, Jay decided that with his latest handset he would try a more ‘flagship’ Android smart phone in the form of the Samsung S9. Jay has low vision but does not rely on a screen reader such as Talk Back, instead the size and quality of the display is more important, along with accessibility features such as text size adjustment, zoom and dark mode.

With the release of Samsungs new One UI, the latest user interface for Samsung phones that offers dark mode and other features, Jay explains just why he switched to Android and how usable he’s finding the S9. Jay also ensures a return visit to Double Tap in the future, as he teases news of how he’s found a great new use for his phone when used with a Gear Headset.

Listener Feedback

This week we have a question from Anthony Hodges regarding using a smart speaker to listen to podcasts. He recently recommended a podcast to a friend in the US, but when his friend tried to ask their Amazon Echo to play it, it wouldn’t work. Anthony wants to know if there is a special way to ask for a podcast in different countries? Tim explains that the Amazon Echo uses the Tune-In radio service by default and as long as you make sure you use the word ‘Podcast’ in your request it should always look to Tune-In to play it.  For example, you should be able to simply say “Play the Double Tap Canada podcast” and no matter where in the world you are it should play. Alternatively, there are podcast skills available such as Any Pod, that may be worth a try if you do experience problems.

We also received a message from someone, (no name given), asking if there was anything available that would allow him to ‘wear’ his smart phone on his chest for use with apps such as Aira or Be My Eyes. Steven has found some holsters and lanyards online starting from as litlle as $13 Canadian, that should prove just right.

Double Tap TV

Yes, it’s true. Your favourite radio show now has a TV show too. Join Steven Scott and Mark Aflalo as they bring you the latest news, reviews, opinions and guests in the world of tech. You can watch every Wednesday at 20:30 Eastern on AMI TV.

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