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Double Tap Podcast Episode 92: Jeff Thomson of Blind Abilities and Steven Reviews the Sunu Band

áThe Double Tap Canada team are joined this week by Jeff Thompson from Blind Abilities, who answers the burning questions from Shaun, Steven & Tim regarding the recent NFB convention.

NFB Convention Talking Points.

Aira, the service that allows a visually impaired person to share live video from their phone to a trained agent to get assistance, caused some excitement with the announcement that they will be including some free minutes to their service.

Although little detail was given to exactly how many free minutes would be available and to which service plan, the inclusion of free minutes along with the currently available Aira Access scheme, which allows free access to Aira in certain locations such as airports etc, means that even more people could benefit from this extremely useful, if somewhat pricey, service.

Jeff also tells us about the Microsoft Code Jumper project, which is aimed at teaching the foundations of coding to children using physical ‘blocks’ called pods. Each pod represents a line of code and by simply joining one pod to another you can build a program. Developed by Microsoft and distributed by APH (American Print House for the Blind), the Code Jumper project sounds like a great, and more importantly, accessible way to teach the basics of coding.

Listener Feedback.

Following the NFB discussion, it’s then on to the listener voicemails, with an answer to how to remove debit cards from your Apple account, a question why does it take so long to release an app or product in another country, and why does Tim want to force turtles to wear his dead Bose AR Frames?

SUNU Band Review.

The SUNU band is a mobility aid designed to compliment using a cane or guide dog. It’s a sonar device that you wear on your wrist like a smart watch.  it can detect objects up to 16 feet (5.5 meters) away and when it does, it will vibrate. The closer the object, the shorter the gap between vibrations. Steven tried the SUNU Band at the recent Sight Village convention and was impressed enough to part with his own money and buy one. In his review he’ll give a demo of the device and share his thoughts on its usefulness.

Useful Links From This Episode.

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