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Taking the Pain out of Passwords

If I were to ask you for your own ‘tech torture’ examples – those things which really grind our gears when it comes to gadgets and gizmos – I’m sure you could come up with dozens: always putting a USB stick in upside down on the first try, software updates at inconvenient times, even the Wi-Fi dropping out when you really didn’t want it to.

But on top of all those examples, the number one headache I’m sure we can all agree on – being told you’ve entered the wrong password.

I’m sorry if this is making you clench your fists in frustration. You’re not alone, though – apparently one in six of us forget a password at least once a week. I’ve been using the web since the year 2000, I’ve created hundreds of accounts needing passwords, and I’m sure you’re all the same; how are we supposed to remember which password we’ve used for each site? And what’s worse, because there seems to be a major hacking story in the news every week, we keep being asked to change our passwords to something new, so what started off as a memorable password now has all sorts of numbers, capital letters and symbols attached to it.

Well, there’s a solution.

Get yourself a Password Manager.

Double Tap’s Social Media guy Andy explained what they are and what they do to in episode 124 of Double Tap Canada. You can listen to Steven starting the conversation here:

Has this convinced you to get a password manager? Do you have any recommendations other than LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane? We’d love to hear your thoughts: email the team at, you can tweet us @DoubleTapCanada, or find us on Facebook by searching for Double Tap Canada.


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