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Order Prescriptions With Amazon Echo

A new skill for the Amazon Echo which allows you to re-fill prescriptions and remind you when to take medication could not only prove to be very useful but also change the image of smart speakers from fun gadgets to seriously helpful assistants.

Amazon have partnered with companies OmniCell & Giant Eagle to provide this service but hopes to expand it to other pharmacies later next year if it proves successful.

Giant Eagle Skill

The new skill called Giant Eagle can be installed through the Alexa app or by simply saying “Open Giant Eagle skill” to your smart speaker. Once enabled you enter what medication you take and when you should take them, then you can ask Alexa questions such as “What medication should I be taking now”? or “Re-fill my prescription”.
Obviously privacy is a concern when dealing with personal medical matters and Amazon say that your voice commands regarding medication will not be stored in your command history. Also, you will need to use a PIN code to order prescriptions.

After acquiring the online pharmacy company PillPack last year and with the release of this new skill, Amazon really seems to be very interested in the healthcare sector and hopefully we will see this particular service roll-out to other countries outside of the USA soon.

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