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OrCam My Eye Gets New Features

A new update has been released to users of the popular OrCam device.

Find out more about what OrCam is and how it can help you as a blind or partially sighted person

The software is now up to version 8.2 and the new features can now be downloaded via Wi-Fi. There is a number of features added to this release which include the following:

Bluetooth Listening

Now you can personalise your OrCam by pairing it up to a wireless earpiece, speaker or a set of headphones and this can be easily achieved by using the connectivity setting in the set-up menu.

Voice Commands

Voice Commands are another new feature to be added to the OrCam 2.0, this allows the user easier access to the set up menu, by simply tapping the touchpad twice the user will hear a sharp tone and when they speak one of 21 commands, the device will take you to that particular part of the set up menu, you then follow the simple audio instruction that will guide you through the setting changes


OrCam 2.0 now supports two additional languages, French and Spanish, you can now change the system language  from English to one of the new supported languages and you can also change the speaking language to English, French or Spanish, if you set the reading language to French and read a English menu, the device will read it to you in French.

Performance Enhancements

There are a few notable performance enhancements across the two devices that makes the OrCam more spontaneous and more intuitive in its use

Built in Tutorials

The user now has the ability to tap into the built in tutorials within both devices, this will work in conjunction with a tutorial manual that has been made available, giving the user the ability to refresh themselves on the OrCam’s features and how to access and activate the features within the device.

Barcode Reading (for the My Eye 2.0 only)

Following on from the introduction of the Barcode Reader being activated in the last series of Updates, OrCam have given the user the ability to add unfamiliar barcodes to the Barcode Library, this is achieved by placing the barcode in front of the camera, touch and hold the touchpad, the camera takes two images of the barcode then proceeds to ask you to name the barcode, when this is done, touch the touch pad once to save and that barcode is locked into the barcode library.

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