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Orbit Reader 20 Chat App Launched

A new announcement from Orbit Research could prove to be a massive help when it comes to communication for people who are deaf and blind. They have launched their new Orbit Chat Communication System, which uses the Orbit Reader 20 braille display and an app on your Android smart phone or tablet to enable a simple chat style experience.

The Orbit chat app allows a person to type a message using the on-screen keyboard, which is then immediately displayed on the Orbit 20 Reader. You can then type your response on the Orbit 20 which will then appear instantly on the app. The app also supports chat history, file transfers and broadcasting to multiple people at once.

The founder of Orbit Research, Dr Gina Spagnoli, said :

“With the Orbit Chat system, we are excited and humbled to be able to provide the basic facility of communication that most of us take for granted. With no additional hardware or software to purchase, a deafblind person can utilize her Orbit Reader 20 braille display to engage in conversation with anyone using a smartphone or tablet.”

The app is free to owners of the Orbit Reader 20 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here.




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