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DTC at CES: New Products from OrCam

OrCam, the company behind the popular MyEye 2 system, has announced its new range of wearable assistive tech that it will be showcasing at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020.

MyEye 2 New Features.

The MyEye 2 system, which currently offers features such as real-time reading of printed & digital text, product & facial recognition and colour & currency identification, will be at the show with some exciting new functionalities. These include: interactive reading/natural language processing (NLP) as well as orientation (mobility and object identification).

OrCam Hear.

A small, discreet wearable device for people with hearing impairments, the OrCam Hear promises to identify and isolate a single persons voice, out of multiple people, and send that speech to a Bluetooth connected hearing aid. Here’s a quote from the press release:

A new class of wearable AI, OrCam Hear is an add-on that augments and integrates with hearing aids. The device combines lip reading with simultaneous voice source separation, intuitively switching between speakers who you choose to hear. Discreet, easy to wear, and lightweight, with low power consumption in a very small form factor.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) named OrCam Hear as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards “Best of Innovation”.

OrCam Read.

This pen-like device is aimed at people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia etc. Simply point the device at text, either printed or on a screen, and the text will be read aloud in real-time.

OrCam MyMe.

Designed to be worn on clothing, this device will constantly monitor your surroundings and try to identify people around you by using facial recognition. When a match is found, information you have previously stored about a person, such as name, contact details etc, will be relayed to a companion app, either on a smart-phone or smart watch.

OrCam has made an interesting choice with its new line-up. Offering individual devices for specific tasks such as reading and facial recognition is a departure from the one device does all approach we see so often. Could this approach mean lower prices per device or maybe better performance of a single task? We will, of course, bring you more information as soon as Steven Scott meets with OrCam at CES 2020.

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