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New App To Make Sunu Band Even Better

A watch designed to help blind and partially sighted people navigate the world around them more easily is getting a major upgrade..

Sunu Band is a smartwatch that delivers sonar or echolocation with gentle vibrations to make the user more aware of what is around them. It is often used as an accompaniment to a white cane or guide dog to aid navigation.

The watch can also provide tactile feedback for time and provide limited navigation to locations nearby.

How Sunu Band Works

Watch Double Tap TV’s Steven Scott get a demonstration of the watch from the company itself. As aired on episode 4 of AMI-Tv’s Double Tap TV

There is already a companion app for Sunu Band but it currently focuses on altering settings of the watch and providing vocal feedback from the watch itself as Sunu Band doesn’t have a built in speaker.

The new app that is being launched into the Google Play Store is purely a beta for the moment, but will soon be fully functional and also added to the iOS App Store soon.

The new app aims to deliver better navigation to local places and deliver vibration and audible feedback in companion with the watch, although Sunu say you actually don’t need a watch to use the app. New features include:

Explorer And Nearby Place Finder

Use the explore feature to know what’s around you. Now you control how much information and details you receive. Search for a place or point of interest and use the Place Finder and Nearby Places so you never miss out. Simply point your phone to know what’s there.

Place Details, Favourites & Directions

Receive more details about the places you’re interested in visiting. Save your favourite places and locations with the new Favorites features. And receive more detailed and accessible directions. 

A More Versatile App

Use your Sunu Band as a compass to know which way you’re going. Discreet haptic feedback tells you if you’re pointing North or South. Don’t have your Sunu Band? Now the Sunu app allows you to point your phone to know which way you’re going!

Better integration with your Sunu Band

The Sunu Band will offer more integration with the new mobile app in order to provide you with a seamless navigation experience. Now you’ll have more navigation features that you can ‘call up’ directly from your Sunu Band. And you’ll still be able to connect and manage your Sunu Band from within the mobile app. 

The new Sunu app is available as a beta version on Android. Download it on the Google Play Store. The iOS version is coming soon to the app store.




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