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Make Your Smart Speaker Smarter With Amazon Routines

Whatever you want to call yourself, or indeed, whatever other people call you, be it nerd, geek or just someone who loves technology and gadgets, there’s a question you’ll be asked many, many times…

“What does it do?”

In the past, it was always easy to answer. Technology usually had 1 main use or purpose. So, for example, when your partner asked you “What does a Wi-Fi router do?”, the answer, “it beams the internet around the house” was enough. Simple. But now, things aren’t that easy. Modern devices can do lots of different things. I mean, try answering the question “What does a smartphone do?”. There’s not an easy, one line answer to that. I find myself saying things like “depends what you want to do with it” or “anything you like”, which, let’s be honest, aren’t really answers at all. This is also, most definitely, the case when it comes to smart speakers.

What Does A Smart Speaker Do?

It depends who you’re asking. For some, there a great way to listen to music, radio & podcasts. For others, a fantastic resource for getting answers and information, or playing games, or keeping in touch with relatives, or controlling your smart home, organising appointments, setting timers, keeping up with the latest news & weather, or just a cool alarm clock. The list goes on…

Sadly, I’m about to make this situation even worse. There’s a feature in both Amazon & Google smart speakers that allows you to create your own list of actions that will be performed whenever a certain trigger event occurs. Or, to put it simply, you can give your smart speaker a list of things to do and tell it when it should do it. They’re called Routines, and in the audio below, I’ll walk you through how to create them for the Amazon Echo.

Listen to the Audio Below:

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