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Love It or Hate It? Smart Light Bulbs & Wireless Chargers

From your toothbrush to your light bulbs, it seems that every single object in your house is available with the word “Smart” in front of it.

The ability to control a device using an app on your phone or a “smart” speaker does sound like the ultimate in convenience, but is it always the case? Is smarter always better or should some things just stay dumb?

Talking of which, Shaun has treated himself to some gadgets recently, but he’s not sure how he feels about them. Yes, the new smart light bulb is bright, works well & he can change the colour to set the, ahem, mood. However, with the rest of the family constantly turning off the light bulb with the light switch instead of the app or smart speaker, he’s finding it more trouble than it’s worth.

Next up, it’s his new wireless charger pad. Again, the promise of just placing your device down on the pad and it magically starts charging sounds great. And it is, when it works. There are many times when the phones placement needs adjusting to find the sweet spot on the charging pad before it starts charging. Wouldn’t it be easier just to plug it in?

Are these just teething troubles or should these gadgets be sent back. The rest of the team give their opinions.

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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