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Leaked Apple Glass Details: The VI Reaction

YouTuber & professional gadget soothsayer Jon Prosser recently set the tech world buzzing when he released some interesting details on Apple’s upcoming, and much anticipated, AR glasses.

Due to his strong track record for getting accurate product details long before their official release, his latest claims have been reliable.

What’s Been Leaked?

  • To be named Apple Glass.
  • Priced at $499 for the frames, plus price of prescription lenses. (Optional)
  • No Camera but will have built-in LIDAR sensor.
  • No tinted lenses option.

Of course, keep in mind that this is all rumours and speculation; final specifications could be totally different when released.

In episode 136 of Double Tap, the team discuss their reaction to the leaks. With no camera or built-in speakers is there anything here of interest if you are visually impaired or blind?

Listen to the Audio Below:

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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