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Lazarillo Working On Indoor Mapping

Lazarillo is a navigation app for Android & iOS that has definitely impressed us here at Double Tap.

With it’s simple, easy to use interface, accessing important information about your current location whilst on the move is easy.

Upon opening the app it will announce your current location and also a list of shops and services nearby such as restaurants, public transport, banks, hotels etc. Often compared to the incredibly popular iOS app Blind Square it’s safe to say we feel that it’s an essential app for your smartphone if you’re visually impaired.

Rene Espinoza, the CEO of Lazarillo, recently talked about the work they are doing to add indoor maps of universities and other public buildings to the app. This would mean that not only could you navigate to the university building but also Lazarillo could guide you to the classroom inside.

Obviously this would be incredibly useful but the problem is the lack of indoor map data available. Currently the Lazarillo team are the ones creating the indoor maps, but they are hoping to make their mapping system available to anyone to create their own indoor map.

With universities, museums and other public buildings currently participating in the process we’ll definitely be looking forward to see how this feature progresses.

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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