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Key2Access: An Easier Way to Cross the Road

It is not always easy to find a safe place to cross the road, and even when you do, you then need to locate and press the button on the crossing control box. Key2Access is a system that aims to help with this problem by allowing people to remote control traffic signals using a smart phone app or key fob.

Apart from the obvious benefits to us as blind and visually impaired people, the system could prove useful for others, such as the elderly or those with motor issues or arthritis etc. Also, the system can be added to existing pedestrian crossings rather than having to replace the entire system, which obviously makes it far more financially viable.

How It Works

Once the Key2Access control box has been added to traffic signals, anyone with the Key2Access smart phone app, available for both iOS & Android, or the physical key fob will be notified by the app or key fob when they are near a crossing. They can then use the app or keyboard to activate the crossing control box. An audible tone will sound when it is safe to cross.

The Key2Access system has been used in pilot schemes around Canada for quite a few years, but on episode 138 of Double Tap Canada, Jay Taylor tells us of his experience of using the system in his local area.

Listen to The Audio Below:


If you’d like more information, take a look at this CNIB page.

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