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iOS 14 Public Beta Released

The public beta of Apple’s upcoming iOS & iPadOS 14 are now available, but before you rush out and install them on your device it’s important to be aware of potential problems beta software may cause.

What is Beta Software?

Beta software is not the finished product; software development goes through various stages: Alpha, Beta, then concluding with the official release.

The public beta stage is where the software is considered stable enough that it won’t cause users devices to become unusable due to major bugs. The public beta program allows people to report any smaller bugs or usability issues with the new software.

For that reason, it’s strongly recommend that you don’t install beta software on your main device, unless you’re experienced in doing so. There’s a high chance that some of your apps will no longer work or that you may experience some difficulties when it comes to accessibility.

You Have Been Warned!

For those of you with a second device, or who are confident enough to deal with any issues the beta may have (to the extent of possibly performing a factory reset of your device) then you can sign up for the Apple Beta program here. It is important to get as many people testing this new software and reporting any bugs or accessibility issues back to Apple, so they can hopefully be fixed for the final release later this year.

You can find more information about what’s new in iOS14 here.

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