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IKEA quietly launch smart blinds

The popular flatpack furniture retailer IKEA is continuing it’s foray into smart devices for the home.

According to TrustedReviews, the Swedish company is adding smart blinds to its smart home lineup. The company already stocks smart bulbs and more recently smart plugs but it is now reported that IKEA will start selling smart blinds in its stores in the US and UK.

From launch, there will be two different types of blinds to choose from, one opaque and the other translucent. They will only come in grey to start with, with more colours coming if the range proves popular. As for price, the suggestion is that the range will start at 99 Euros and go up to 155 Euros.

The new blinds will also play nice with Alexa and Google Assistant, but you will have to install them through the IKEA Tradri app in the first instance, which has been problematic for some blind users due to the accessibility of the app.

It’s certainly very exciting, not just because of the new tech, but also because IKEA have been consistently bringing out good quality smart technology that is “fairly” easy to set up with some sighted assistance, but also the price is good. Handy for those on a budget or who have a large house and lots of lights, plugs and now windows to smarten up.

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