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Google’s Lookout App Available for US Pixel 3 Users

Lookout is an Android app designed to help people who are blind or visually impaired gain more independence by giving real-time auditory cues about objects, text and people around them.

Google recommends wearing your Pixel device in a lanyard around your neck, or in your shirt pocket, with the camera pointing away from your body. After opening the app, and selecting a mode, Lookout processes items of importance in your environment and shares information it believes to be relevant—text from a recipe book, or the location of a bathroom, an exit sign, a chair or a person nearby. Lookout delivers spoken notifications, designed to be used with minimal interaction allowing people to stay engaged with their activity.

The app has been launched in the US only (at the moment) and can only be downloaded to Google’s Pixel 3 phones.

Check out the video from Google and let us know here at Double Tap if you’ve experienced the app.




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