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Google Offers New Assistance To People Who Are Hard Of Hearing

Google have just announced two new features that could benefit those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The tech giant has announced Live Transcribe and Sound Amplify will be coming to its Android phones. Both features were shown off at Google’s i/O conference in 2018.

Live Transcribe aims to help people communicate where they may find difficulty by providing a live transcript of what is being said directly on your Android phone.

Sound Amplify is aimed at those with hearing loss who may benefit from being able to tweak some of the sound settings from your phone. It is being billed as a hearing aid app for Android.

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Both will be available preinstalled on Pixel 3 phones in Accessibility Settings and also available via the Google Play Store for other phones. However, Live Transcribe is being released as a limited beta, and Sound Amplifier requires phones running Android 9 Pie, which limits their availability.




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