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Google Assistant & British Gas Will Try To Fix Your Boiler

British Gas have developed a new action for the Google Assistant that will try and help you fix some of the more common boiler problems you may encounter. British Gas say that they receive 1.3 million call-outs over winter for boiler repairs and hope that some of these may be resolved using this new feature, rather than have people wait for an engineer.

The new action called Boiler Support was designed by British Gas engineers, and will walk users through the steps needed to resolve the most frequent non-technical boiler issues. Obviously, safety is a major concern, but British Gas say that most problems can be fixed without the need for an engineer and will save people time and money.

You can use any Google Assistant device such as a Google Nest Mini, Google Hub or Android phone to access Boiler Support. Simply say “OK Google, Talk to Boiler Support” and follow the instructions. It is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a British Gas customer to use it.

Although this announcement isn’t really aimed at the visually impaired specifically, it is yet another indicator that smart speakers and voice assistants are being used more and more to not only make information easily available in spoken form but also make services more accessible to everyone.

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