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Getting Started With The New Vorail And Get A 1 Month Free Subscription

Vorail is a popular iOS app that is probably best described as an audio message board service. It allows you to record and post questions that other Vorail users can see, or rather listen to, and then they can record their answers to your question. Of course, you can likewise answer other people’s questions and also send private messages to other users. It’s a great resource for getting help with any topic, but also can be just a great place to hang out, have fun and chat about anything.

Although not originally intended as a app for the visually impaired, thanks to the audio nature of the platform, it’s safe to say that we make up the majority, if not all, of the user base.

Thankfully, the developers have embraced the new direction the service has taken and changed its development accordingly. As part of this development, last week saw a new update to Vorail in the App Store which has a totally redesigned interface compared to the old ‘Classic’ version of Vorail. This new version is self voicing and uses its own gestures instead of the standard Voice-Over gestures we are used to on iOS. Don’t worry however as you do not have to disable Voice-Over in order to use this app, so you won’t miss any notifications or calls while using the app, and switching between apps or going back to the iOS home screen is seamless.

The reason for the new interface is an attempt to unify the code that is used across platforms. As well as being an iOS app, you can also use Vorail on its own standalone hardware called the Vorail Companion. Using the same code for the app as is used on the Companion hardware means it’s much easier to manage the code in terms of finding and fixing bugs and adding new features. For a small team of developers, having to basically rewrite the code for each platform proved difficult. Thanks to the new unified code the team are now working on bringing Vorail to Android as well.

Vorail is a subscription based service, costing $4.99 USD a month, but if you would like to try it out use the link below to get a free 1 month subscription. Make sure to open the link on your iOS device.

After downloading the app using the link, when starting the Vorail app double tap on the ‘I already have a subscription’ option to start your 1 month free subscription.

To get you started I have recorded a quick start guide to using the new Vorail which should get you posting questions and answers in no time at all. Oh, and feel free to say hello to us, as the Double Tap team are all on there too.




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