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FlickType Developers To Drop Subscription Payment Model

The developers of popular iOS app FlickType have announced they will be moving from the current monthly subscription payment model, to a, yet to be decided, one time app purchase fee.

In a post on their Google IO forum they explained that they are  experiencing difficulties when submitting FlickType to the Apple App Store. Here’s a quote from their post.

This past weekend, our update got rejected because, quote, “the app uses auto-renewing subscriptions, but it is not an appropriate use of the service”. This has happened before, and after our detailed explanation and position they agreed to reverse their decision at the time. It would seem that they have now either changed their policy, or this is a different person reviewing the app and for some reason they don’t have the context of our earlier conversations. This is likely to happen again in the future, even if we succeed in getting the current update through. Either way, App Store rejections and appeals to the App Review Board take a long time to resolve, time that we can better spend developing the app itself.

We have therefore decided to drop the subscription model moving forward, and instead introduce a one-off purchasing fee for the system-wide keyboard, so that we at least eliminate one of the potential causes of App Store rejections and delays in the future.

We have not yet decided on the pricing, and in fact we’d love to hear some of your ideas on that. We are still hoping that we can find a price that is
both reasonable for users, and also sustainable for us as a business. We also wanted to share this background information with you, and for you to be aware of the upcoming pricing changes.

Again, we welcome your thoughts in the matter, and we are thankful for all your support so far.

There continues to be lots of debate regarding the pros & cons for using a monthly subscription model to pay for apps, but it is a trend we are seeing more and more, with Vorail being one of the latest apps to introduce it. Whatever you feel about subscriptions vs one off payments for apps, it’s always good when developers reach out to it’s customers to keep us informed and ask for our thoughts. You can get involved in the discussion by visiting the FlickType forum here.

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