Getting access to the latest train times easily can be a challenge, despite the number of websites and apps out there that are supposed to help.

For blind computer and smartphone users, the challenge comes because the websites and apps aren’t as accessible as they could be. It’s fair to say that they may well be legally accessible, but usability is a very different thing.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a website that has been built with us in mind first. It’s called Accessible UK Train Times and it’s a really easy and nicely laid out website that works great with screenreaders on computers and phones.

The information on this website comes directly from National Rail Enquiries and many thanks are given to them for continuing to support this vital service. It was created by Matthew Sommerville and is supported by donations. Contributors to the site have also created add-ons for Firefox and even the ability to add train times to your iCal calendar.

Tried this app for the first time? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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