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Envision Glasses: Could These Be the Wearables We’ve Been Waiting For?

There’s no denying how useful Artificial Intelligence has been for us as visually impaired people; apps like Envision AI and Seeing AI can read printed text in real-time, recognise objects, faces and colours and more.

But, of course, we can’t help thinking how it could be even better. Having this functionality available to use, at any time, without the need to take out a smartphone and make sure the camera is perfectly positioned etc would be so much more convenient. The obvious solution would seem to be in the form of smart glasses. Unlike strapping other bits of technology to our heads or bodies, wearing a pair of glasses won’t make you feel like a robot or attract unwanted stares when out in public. Also, with a camera mounted discreetly into the frames, you know that the camera is always looking in the right direction. Well, as long as you are too.

The trouble is, there are still some technological hurdles to overcome first; the major ones being an acceptable battery life and enough processing power to handle the task. It’s felt like we’ve been so close to the perfect smart glasses for a while but could 2020 be the year where they finally appear?

Envision AI thinks so.

Envision Glasses.

Many of you will be familiar with the Envision AI app for iOS and Android. As mentioned above, this app offers many useful features such as real-time OCR, object recognition etc and it has proven to be a very popular app. The folks at Envision AI haven’t stopped there however, as they have been busy recreating the same functionality into a pair of smart glasses, specifically, the Google Glasses Enterprise 2. With a fast Snapdragon XR1 processor, inbuilt HD camera and approximately 6 hours of battery life, if Envision AI can deliver the same functionality as their app, these really could be something special.

In this interview from episode 126 of Double Tap Canada, we speak to Karthik Kannan, one of the founders of Envision AI. As the company starts taking pre-orders for its new glasses, we ask Karthik all the questions you want to know, starting at just what the glasses can do for us and how do they work, to how close are they to being available and of course the price.

If you want to hear the entire interview check out episode 126 of the Double Tap Canada radio show in your favourite podcast app.

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  1. Can these recognise steps/ curb/ door etc in front of the wearer so that walking without stumbling or knocking into objects

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