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Amazon Echo Dot 3: Sounding Out The Competition

I blame David Hasselhoff. That’s my standard response to my disapproving girlfriend, as yet another smart speaker is delivered to my door. After years of watching the oh so cool Knight Rider as a kid, any gadget that I can talk to and more importantly, talks back to me is a must have. Of course, I could go into detail about how the inherent accessibility of smart speakers can make many aspects of daily living easier for a visually impaired person, but the truth is I just think they’re cool.

Now I’ve got my excuses out of the way, let’s get to my latest addition, the Amazon Echo Dot 3. As you probably guessed, this is the latest version of the incredibly popular Echo Dot. I already have some Dots, ahem, dotted around my house and they are great but the audio quality from the in-built speaker leaves a lot to be desired. I also have a couple of Google Home Mini’s which cost the same as the Echo Dot but sound a whole lot better.

With the Echo Dot 3 Amazon have addressed the audio issue. They claim it’s 70% louder then the previous version and will have a better dynamic range for better bass and clearer high end. They’ve also refreshed the look and design with the Dot 3 being slightly bigger then the previous generation, and sporting a new fabric finish. But we’re not interested in the looks, does it really sound better then the Dot 2 and how does it compare to the Google Home Mini?

There’s only 1 way to find out…
A line up of smart speakers. Google Home Mini on the left, Echo Dot 3 centre front, Echo Dot 2 on the right and Echo 2 at the back.

Sound Test

I’ve rounded up a Dot 2, the new Dot 3, a Google Home Mini and, just for fun, an Echo second generation here in the studio so lets put them all head to head and see if the new Dot 3 can stand out from the crowd. Listen to the audio below to find out.

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