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The Echo Show: Size Does Matter

There’s nothing we love more here at Double Tap then smart speakers.

Not only are they inexpensive & incredibly useful, but because of the audio-only interface, they are also totally accessible. With that said, I’ll admit I was slightly concerned when announcements started appearing showing new models with touchscreens included; I was worried that this could be a case of a ‘slippery slope’ away from their totally accessible audio-only nature, and a move towards a more visual interface.

Thankfully though, I was worried for nothing; the Echo Show models all feature a screen reader in the form of VoiceView, and likewise, Google’s touchscreen versions feature the TalkBack screen reader. Rather than replacing the audio-only aspect of smart speakers, the inclusion of a screen is simply an additional feature. Great if you want to watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime et al, but also it’s not something you have to deal with or use if you don’t want to.

In episode 145 of Double Tap Canada, we discuss Steven’s dislike of the Echo Show 5, his love of the Echo Show 8, and run through some of our favourite Echo Skills.

You can also find out more about the Echo Show 8 in this episode of Double Tap TV.

Listen Here:

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