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Double Tap Canada Episode 143: The Perfect Keyboard, Goodbye Safari, Hello Edge & Heavy Pudding

Prepare for another hour of happy, coffee fuelled tech talk as it’s time for another Double Tap Canada.

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On this week’s show:

Steven’s credit card, and possibly marriage, feel the strain again as he’s been buying himself some new tech this week. As a confirmed keyboard addict, has he finally found the perfect keyboard with the recently released Logitech MX Keys? With its full sized layout, USB C charging and back-lit keys, he certainly thinks so.

Next, Tim Schwartz tells us why he can’t wait to ditch Safari & Mail as his default apps in iOS14. So much so in fact that he’s already got his replacement apps lined up. You may be surprised by his choices. We certainly were…

Listener Stan starts the second half of the show with an excellent demo of the Paramed Talking Blood Pressure monitor. Then contributor Robin suggests a new feature called ‘What’s In Your Dock‘. He’ll be telling us just what apps are in his dock on his Apple Watch, and Steven, Shaun & Tim will reveal all too.

Finally, if you’re tired of having to type your long, complicated email address or regular re-occurring phrase all the time, Shaun’s, ‘High Speed How To’ on using text replacements in iOS could help.

Oh, and of course, the show ends on a argument about custard…

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Editor, producer and social media whizz kid for Double Tap Online

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  1. I have installed outlook on my iphone, very excitejd, but, some bugs in there around calanders and accepting invitations.
    Runny custard, thick set custard and even the St Vincent’s blind school Manchester tart! French call it sauce anglaise, vanilla sauce – whole programme on it!

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