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Double Tap Podcast Episode 57: Love Is In The Air, Alexa on Windows 10, Having Fun with Lady A

On this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada, Steven Scott, Tim Schwartz and Shaun Preece discuss a wide range of topics as usual in their own inimitable style.

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Love Is In The Air

There’s a romantic start to our show this week as Steven tells us about his new love of his life – let’s just hope his wife isn’t listening! Fortunately, it’s not a new woman but in fact a screen reader. As a JAWS user in his day-to-day working environment Steven is used to the way screen readers should behave. However upon trying Narrator (which is the free screen reader built into Windows) a few years back he was less than impressed. For years it’s been described as the ‘screen reader used to download other screen readers’ but could that have changed? Steven thinks so as the October release of Windows updated operating system brought new features to the free and built-in offering. After only a week it seems Steven is smitten with his new love and is even questioning whether or not to buy JAWS for home use. Also could it be better than NVDA, which is also free to download? The team discuss with many mixed views.

Read about the changes to Narrator that are in the new build of Windows 10 available now free as part of the regular updates

Alexa On Windows 10

Staying with Windows 10 and this time a new addition to the Microsoft Store. A free download that puts “Lady A” as the guys call her, or Alexa to the rest of us, inside your computer.

The features are fairly limited at this stage but it does do most of the things you would use Alexa for like setting timers, adding things to your shopping list and telling the time etc. But what about the already built in assistant Cortana? Is she about to pack her virtual bags and head off into the night, or do both of them work well together?

Find out about how to get Alexa on Windows 10 (from

Stuff You Can Do With Alexa

We talk a lot on the show about all of the great gadgets out there, but what can you actually do with them? In our new series “Stuff You Can Do With Alexa” we focus on the Amazon Echo devices and the actual “stuff” that can be done with them. This week the guys talk about having fun and each of them have a go at a popular trivia game called “Trivia Hero” which you can play by saying “Alexa, play Trivia Hero…” Tell us how you get on and what your score is.

Double Tap Canada airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on AMI-audio and is available as a podcast.

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