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Double Tap Podcast Episode 54: Apple’s October Event Preview, iPhone XR Launched

On this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada, Steven Scott, Tim Schwartz and Shaun Preece discuss a wide range of topics as usual in their own inimitable style.

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Apple Event Preview

Apple log with text - There's More In The Making

This week the guys discuss the latest rumours ahead of Apple’s next Special Event on the 30th of October. While rumours are always speculation at this time, we can fairly and safely assume that there will be a new lineup of iPad Pro’s with the new bezel-less design (seen on the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR), a new MacBook which will update the older range of MacBook Airs, and possibly a new Mac mini (which hasn’t been updated since 2015).

Read the latest rumours from MacRumours here

Also, Steven Scott has a theory that he discusses on this week’s podcast about why Apple might be less interested in average consumers picking up a new iMac or MacBook. Could it be that pro-users are Apple’s main focus now, with iPhones and iPads being the main attraction for the average customer?

New iPhone XR

iPhone XR in various colours

Tim and Shaun seem rather excited about the launch of the new iPhone XR which has just been launched, while Steven (who has already bought a new iPhone XS) is less interested. But hang on, isn’t the new XR a cheaper phone and arguably more value for that money? Why isn’t Steven jumping for joy? He reveals all this week.

Check out all the specs and info about the new iPhone XR from Macworld

One More Thing

a close up of the Echo Dot 3

Steven discusses his new found love of the Amazon Echo Dot 3 which Shaun reviewed last week on Double Tap Canada.

Listen to Shaun’s review of the new Amazon Echo Dot 3 right here

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