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Double Tap Podcast Episode 52 – Google Event roundup, Tim’s Top 5 Features of iOS12, Siri Shortcuts

On this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada, Tim Schwartz and Shaun Preece discuss a wide range of topics as usual in their own inimitable style.

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Google Event – worth the hype?

Tim and Shaun discuss the latest announcements from Google’s ‘Made By Google’ event and ask if it was worth the hype. Since the tech giant has launched a range of new devices they guys ask if they’ve gone far enough to stand out from the crowd.

Find out all about the Google Home Hub, which is a way of controlling your smart home, as well as the new tablet called the Google Slate (with a 12.3 inch screen) and the two new Pixel 3 phones, one larger than the other by clicking here

Tim’s Bits: Top 5 Features in Apple’s iOS 12

Tim Schwartz lays out his thoughts on the major features that have now been included in Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones and iPads.

You can read Tim’s full list of features and why he likes them here

Siri Shortcuts

Shaun and Tim try their best to make sense of one of Tim’s favourite features in iOS 12 – Siri Shortcuts.

It’s a feature that lets you create a bunch of shortcuts together to make something happen in the way you want, such as play a certain playlist when you arrive home, or turn off the lights and switch on your alarm as you leave the house. It’s a useful feature but it’s quite in-depth and we think Steven is glad he wasn’t around for this discussion!

A blog in Siri Shortcuts is coming soon to show you what it’s capable of but in the meantime check out this article on Applevis for more information.

Other News

Facebook launch their own smart screen called the Portal in both 10 and 15 inch sizes. No detail yet on how these screens work and whether it’ll be accessible to us as blind people but we will update with more information as we get it.

Click here for more information on the Portal from Facebook’s website

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