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Double Tap Podcast Episode 111: Echo Show 5 Review, Bose AR Frames & Chicken Sporks

The Double Tap Team are back to full health this week as the show kicks off with a look at the Echo Show 5. Can a smart speaker with a screen really be of any use if you’re visually impaired?

Echo Show 5.

Robin Christopherson gives us a quick review of the Echo Show 5 and then Shaun & Steven weigh in with their thoughts. Even with the Amazon screen-reader VoiceView making the screen accessible, is there really a benefit to adding a screen to a smart speaker.

Bose AR Frames & Microsoft SoundScape.

Next, it’s on to the news, starting with the recent update for Microsoft SoundScape that adds support for the Bose AR Frames. Tim has taken them for a spin and seems impressed but Shaun has questions. You can read more about this story here.

Lazarillo App & Indoor Mapping.

Lazarillo is an impressive app for Android and iOS that gives you information about your surroundings such as shops and services nearby and your current location. Recently the Lazarillo team announced that they are working on adding indoor maps meaning that not only could the app help you get to school or university but also to your classroom inside. Read the article on Double Tap Online here.

Audio Games.

Finally, Tim tells us of a new audio game that is in development called Pitch Black. Having reached it’s kickstarter target just how excited should we be when it’s released late next year? Could this really be an audio game with enough depth to keep us interested?

Useful Links From This Episode:

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Lazarillo App for Android.

Lazarillo App For iOS.

Pitch Black Audio Game.

Listen to This Episode Below:

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