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Double Tap Podcast Episode 109: TechShare Pro 2019 Event

Double Tap Canada is at the Google headquarters in London this week to cover the TechShare Pro 2019 event. With major tech companies such as Google, Apple and Lenovo in attendence, the TechShare Pro event is aimed at businesses to share best practices in assistive tech.
With discussions around just how 3D positional audio could take enjoying TV when you’re visually impaired to a whole new level, the future of voice recognition and the acceptance of smart glasses, Steven Scott & Robin Christopherson are there to find all the most exciting assistive tech news.

Oh, and Steven answers a question that nobody asked. Which came first, the chicken or the spoon?

Listen to This Episode Below:

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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