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Double Tap Podcast Episode 106: iOS 13.2 Thoughts, Apple TV+ & The Orbit 20

Happy Halloween from Double Tap Canada!

IOS 13.2 Update.

Double Tap Canada kicks off this week with a look at the latest update for iOS 13. With fixes to the most annoying Voice-Over bugs such as focus jumping and Voice-Over disappearing after a phone call, should people take the plunge and update their devices?

Apple TV Plus.

With Apples new video streaming service starting on November 1st, just what should we expect in the form of content and will it knock Netflix off the top spot when it comes to audio described content.

Apple Air Pods Pro.

Featuring active noise cancellation, a new in-ear design and an audio transparency mode, can the new Air Pods Pro justify their price?

Orbit 20 Update.

The Orbit 20 Reader is an affordable, compact braille display and a recent update has added an interesting new feature.

The inclusion of USB Human Interface Device support makes the way your screen reader software, such as Jaws or NVDA, communicates with the braille display a lot easier and sets a universal standard. This should mean that future updates to the Orbit or any screen reader should never result in your braille display not working.

Listener Feedback.

This week we have a question from Tiffany asking what are the best headphones to use with the app Microsoft Sound Scape.


Useful Links from this Episode.

Applevis Article on IOS 13.2

Apple TV+


Apple Air Pods Pro.

Microsoft SoundScape.

Listen to This Episode Below:

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