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Double Tap Podcast Episode 105: Apps for Getting Around, A Win for Accessibility & iOS 13

The Double Tap team return from their travels with a new found admiration for navigation apps. If you need to know where to get off the bus or where you can load up on doughnuts there’s an app that can help.

Steven tells us how Microsoft Sound Scape helped him shop until he dropped in Toronto and Lazarillo told him where to get off the bus to get back to the hotel. Also, just what does the new Detailed Voice Guidance feature in Google Maps have to offer? Next, It’s on to the news, with a run down of just what happened with the Dominos Pizza court case and why Steven has returned his iPhone 8.

Finally, in listener feedback there is a question regarding iOS 13. For people with older iPhones such as the 6S or SE, is it wise to update to the latest offering from Apple or should you stick with iOS12?

Microsoft Sound Scape


Google Maps

Dominos Pizza Accessibility Battle Explained.

Listen to This Episode Below:

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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