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Double Tap Podcast Episode 104: Steven In Canada & The Made By Google Event 2019

While Tim Schwartz is off cruising the world, Double Tap Canada breaks new ground this week by, not only having Steven Scott host the show from Canada, but also having an actual real-life Canadian, Marc Aflalo, join the team. After a quick talk about just what Steven has been up to in Canada it’s on with the tech goodness.

Stevens New Computer

After Stevens surprise announcement last week where he declared that a Windows laptop was definitely the way to go for him, it comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone that this week he’s completely changed his mind and bought a top of the line Mac Book. Will he be able to explain himself or is it just because he couldn’t resist the amount of money he saved by buying it in Canada.

Made By Google Event

Next, it’s on to the recent Google Event, with such new devices as the Pixel 4, Pixel Book Go, Google Wi-fi, Pixel Buds and Nest Mini was there anything about the event that interested the team? And will Steven & Shaun even let Marc talk about Googles game streaming service Stadia?

Spoiler alert. No, they won’t.

Steven & Marc Kill Cortana

Steven and Marc recently visited Microsoft and filmed some segments for an upcoming Double Tap TV episode, but can Shaun get them to reveal any secrets of what they saw there? And why were they even allowed by the server room?


Useful Links From This Episode.

Shaun’s Impressions from the Google Event.

Double Tap TV

Listen to This Episode Below:

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