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Double Tap Podcast Episode 102: Watery iPhones, Amazon Music HD & Riding In Bins

Double Tap Canada gets a bit of a make-over this week with a new sound, but don’t worry, Steven, Shaun & Tim are still here to talk about all thats great in tech.

iPhone 11 Max
Steven kicks off the show with his reasons for returning his shiny, liquidy, new iPhone 11 Max, and why he thinks the iPhone 8 is the way to go. Although he does complain about the increase in size of the iPhone, it soon becomes clear that it’s actually the gesture based interface and Face ID that are the real things that he dislikes.

Amazon Music HD
The team then discuss Amazons new high quality music streaming service, Amazon Music HD. Where can you use it, will you notice a difference and has Steven already ordered the new Amazon Studio speaker? Yes, of course he has.

Listener Feedback

This week we have a question from Luc regarding the new Multi-Lingual feature coming to the Alexa service. Initially only available in the US, Canada & India, this feature will allow you to talk to your smart speaker in multiple languages. So for example, if you have someone in your household that speaks French and you speak English, Alexa will be able to understand & answer in either language.

Next is an email from Tiffany who is having connection issues with her iPhone. Every time she locks the phone her wi-fi disconnects. When she unlocks it, she needs to manually reconnect to the network.

Finally, Aaron asks about the moral implications of tech. Should we care about how tech companies treat it’s employees and us?

Riding In Bins.

The show wraps up with a news story of self driving bins…and why Shaun wants to ride in one.

Listen to This Episode Below:

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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