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Double Tap Podcast Episode 100: Jaws for Kiosks, Amazon Robots & Apple AR Glasses

Double Tap Canada reaches its 100th episode this week so we’d like to say a massive thank you to all the listeners and everyone who supports the show.


Jaws For Kiosks

Joining the Double Tap team this week we have Larry Lewis from the Paciello Group. He tells us of the work they are doing on making kiosks accessible to the visually impaired. Touchscreen kiosks are becoming more and more popular and you will find them in banks, hospitals and restaurants. However, currently they are virtually impossible to use if you are visually impaired. Larry explains how a specialized version of Jaws could be the answer.

Amazon Event Announced

With Amazon recently announcing an event on September 25th, just what do we expect to see unveiled. And why would an Amazon Echo robot mean Shaun gets a divorce? Amazon do an amazing job when it comes to secrecy and nobody really knows what to expect, but going from previous Amazon events, this is definitely one to watch.

Apple AR Glasses Spotted?

Does some discovered code in beta software from Apple mean that we will finally get the Apple AR glasses? And why should we care? With Steven hopeful for a 2020 release can Apple really deliver glasses that people will actually want to wear?

Listener Feedback

Finally, it’s on to listener feedback. With comments on using tech in public and a question on how to forward text messages in iOS. That sounds like it should be easy, but…

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