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Double Tap Canada Podcast Episode 140 – Accessibility Highlights from the Apple WWDC 2020 Event

What else would Double Tap Canada be talking about this week?

Yes, you may think you’ve heard everything there is about Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference, but the DTC team have been busy looking for what’s new when it comes to accessibility in Apple’s upcoming software. Here’s some of the highlights.

Voice-Over Recognition

If you’ve ever downloaded an app or visited a website only to have Voice-Over constantly announce ‘Button, Button, Button’, you’ll be glad to hear that Apple has improved Voice-Overs ability to recognize these unlabelled elements.  Also, it’s promised that Voice\Over will be able to give better, more useful descriptions for images.

The Back Tap.

The new ‘Back Tap’ gesture allows you to double or triple tap with one finger on the back of the device to trigger an action. There is a set of 23 actions to choose from such as open app switcher, go to home screen and even run a Shortcut.

Air Pod Pro Improvements.

One of Steven’s biggest gripes with his Air Pods is that that they don’t automatically switch between devices. Well, that’s set to change, as Apple announced that you’ll be able to pair the Air Pods with devices such as your Apple Watch & iPhone, and the Air Pods will switch to which ever device is currently playing audio automatically. Will this be a dream come true for Steven, or is it actually, as Tim fears, a nightmare? There’s also excitement about 3D spacial audio support and the ability to tweak just what you hear in transparency mode.

For more details on upcoming accessibility features, check out the WWDC Accessibility Review article from Steven Scott.

Listen to This Episode Below:

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