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Double Tap Canada Podcast Episode 135: Big Screen Debate, Off the Peg Tech & Steven Goes Trucking Crazy.

Double Tap is back with a fun packed episode as Steven, Shaun & J Taylor talk about just what tech is making them happy during these strange days.

Steven is so excited about his latest tech purchase, a 75 inch television, but will Shaun’s negativity ruin it for him? If your level of vision is so low, is there any advantages in a big screen tv at all?

Next, J Taylor tells us about his experience with the Samsung Gear VR headset and an video magnifier app that he’s been using recently. With it he’s been able to read departure boards in airports etc, but how does this mainstream solution compare to his E-Sight headset? This ties in nicely to a discussion on the future of specialized tech from last week’s show, and we hear from one listener with her thoughts on the topic.

Finally, Steven tells us of his new obsession. Truck driving. Don’t panic though, it’s a virtual truck! With only a Playstation, steering wheel and a large monitor strapped to his face, he spends many a happy hour hauling cargo across Europe. If this sounds good to you, he’ll let you know exactly what he’s using. I feel a blind convoy coming on…

Listen to This Episode Below.

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Co-host & audio producer on the Double Tap Canada radio show. Occasional contributor to Double Tap TV, full time shed resident.

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  1. Hey love the discussion around TV and low vision and the need for one to accommodate as vision changes etc. However I wondered have you done a head to head check re TVS? Which TV is more accessible then the other. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic LG etc? They each are different, but why would one by one brand over another?

    Many thanks



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