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Don’t panic! The iPhone SE is still a great choice

It’s no secret that we here at Double Tap HQ think the new iPhone SE is a great device.

With its arguably more VI friendly Home button & Touch ID and featuring the same processor and performance as an iPhone 11, there’s a lot to like. And that’s even before we talk about the price.

But with this hype comes questions: will it support the new accessibility inclusions coming in iOS14? People understandably have concerns that their brand-new iPhone device may already be out-dated if it doesn’t support. For this reason, we felt this article was necessary to help clear up some of the confusion.

Before we dive into the details, the bottom line is: don’t worry. The new iPhone SE will support all the accessibility features of iOS14. In fact, any iPhone from the iPhone 10S up will.

VoiceOver Recognition.

The most talked about accessibility feature when it comes to iOS 14, at least in our community, has been VoiceOver Recognition. This uses artificial intelligence to identify unlabelled elements in apps and websites.

You may have noticed that VoiceOver currently has this feature, and will often announce ‘possibly play’ or ‘possibly settings’ when focus is on an unlabelled button. VoiceOver Recognition in iOS14 takes this even further by not only identifying buttons but also other common elements & controls, such as unlabelled sliders, tables, scroll areas etc.

Also, using the same technology, VoiceOver will provide better image descriptions including reading any text that it may include. This feature has been confirmed as being currently available on the new iPhone SE running the public beta of iOS 14. As mentioned above, the iPhone SE does have the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11, and this does feature the Neural Engine component that is specifically designed for AI.

Back Tap.

The other feature people are interested in is Back Tap. This allows you to either double tap or triple tap anywhere on the back of your phone to trigger an action of your choice. For example, you could double tap on the back of your device to bring up the Control Centre, or triple tap to start the Magnifier app. There are currently 23 actions to choose from and the ability to assign Apple Shortcuts to Back Taps. Although we aren’t quite sure what technology Apple are using to detect all this ‘back tapping’, we can confirm that this feature is also available on the new iPhone SE with the latest beta of iOS 14.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

If you have been worried that your shiny new iPhone SE may be left out when it comes to iOS 14, then don’t. Performance and up-to-date specification means that it will be more than capable of utilising all the new features of iOS for just as long as the iPhone 10 or 11 range.

Of course, the public beta program can see some features appear and disappear before the final official release of iOS 14, but from a hardware point of view, we are extremely confident that these features will be available on the new iPhone SE.

You can listen to a discussion on this topic from episode 142 of Double Tap Canada between Steven, Shaun & Shelly Brisbin below.

Listen Here.

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