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VoRail Users React To Subscription Model

The popular social media app VoRail has launched a subscription model for its app, asking its users to pay a monthly fee to continue using the service.

The service has been running for several years now and is a messaging platform that lets users connect to ask questions and share responses. The app has become very popular with blind and partially sighted people because of its simple to use and audio-led nature.

It’s only fully available on iOS while an Android app lets you only listen to responses.

And that’s why the developers have introduced a subscription to the service.

A monthly charge of $4.99 USD is being asked of its users. Developers say this would allow them to fix already existing problems with the app and develop more fully functional apps for other platforms, such as Android.

Tom also shed some light on future plans for the service.

Double Tap’s Shaun Preece asked VoRail users what they think of the news ahead of the launch of the subscription service.

What do you think? Would you pay for the service? Leave your comments below or email

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