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Could Nasa’s Latest Spacecraft Help The Blind ‘See’ The Universe?

NASA’s Tess spacecraft blasted off from Earth earlier this year in a search for new planets that could support life. Tess lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, riding a SpaceX Falcon rocket. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite will spend two years scouring 85% of the sky and hundreds of thousands of its brightest stars.

But did you know that one part of the research that will come back from Tess could actually help blind and partially sighted people to better understand the universe around us?

Listen to Double Tap Canada’s special report brought to you by Steven Scott.





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I am an absolute geek who loves technology. I also happen to be severely sight impaired and that has meant my journey with new technology has been challenging. What I've learnt is what I want to share with others and I do that on air in the UK on RNIB Connect Radio's weekly Tech Talk radio show and podcast, and on AMI-Audio's Double Tap Canada radio show and podcast. I'm also a very lucky husband and the owner of the world's coolest dog!

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